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Searches for data can be done at the Search Section
Tutorials are available for tools (Look for the button)

  • Main tutorial
    Main tutorial
    This is the main tutorial for the portal. It provides an over view of the portal, its features, tools and search interfaces. More detailed tutorials on specific elements of the portal can be found below. This is a good starting point for those new to the portal.
  • XQE tutorial
    XQE tutorial
    The eXtensible Query Engine is the main text based interface to the data available from CHRONOS. It provides the ability to view data in other formats if available. This includes charts, gplates, Google Earth and other formats. The XQE uses ReST URL's so that references to searches can be passed by reference URL rather than the entire data set. This also allows for integration of results into other web sites or applications.
  • ADP tutorial
    ADP tutorial
    This tutorial provides a basic introduction to the Age Depth Plotting tool. It show the retrieval of a line of correlation from the database (Neptune) and some of the basic capabilities it has with respect to that data.
  • ARC tutorial
    ARC tutorial
    A tutorial covering the Age Range Charting aspect of the Timescale Information System (TIS). This tutorial show the retrieval of data about taxa in a particular drill hole. This data is then used to construct an age range chart. The resulting chart is available in SVG (scalable vector format)
  • CONOP9 tutorial
    CONOP9 tutorial
    This tutorial covers the web services interface to the CONOP9 package. CHRONOS hosts this interface for those wishing to conduct long or particularly large runs. This tutorial steps the user through using the test data available on-line to submit and review the results of a CONOP9 run through the portal interface.
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Electronic Visualization Lab Core Wall:
The Electronic Visualization Laboratory CoreWall effort (ref: is a tool that the CHRONOS group is looking to interconnect some of its tools and data into. The picture to the right is the EVL CoreWall system configured by CHRONOS at out our Iowa State University facilities. We are working with EVL and other CoreWall collaborators to interconnect this tool into our web and data services.