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Welcome to CHRONOS Services Section

This section contains details on the various CHRONOS applications and web services that are available. Most of the web services for these systems listed in the WSIL display portlet below.

For information or help on these web services and using them in your web site or tool please contact CHRONOS and we will be happy to assist you in your efforts or provide any need documentation. Code example will also be made available to show how to use these services.

The Web Service Inspection Language document interface can be found below. 

The ReST services information and interfaces are locate on the Searches:Data Search portlet. 

All these end points are available for use on-line and interactively.  If you wish further information on how to do this please contact CHRONOS.  We would be happy to help you incorporate these services into your application or web site.

Chronos Web Services

Service Name WSDL Service URL Description
QDF WSDL Service URL All of the queries described in the QDF document (CHRONOS Searches) are available as SOAP web service calls.
conopws.jws WSDL Service URL The CONOP9 web services provides an interface into the process queue available to run long CONOP9 programs. More information about conop9 can be found at:
nepwss.jws WSDL Service URL A set of methods exposed via a web serivce interface that connect into the Neptune database.
timescales.jws WSDL Service URL A set of timescale web services that return information regarding timescale structure, parent child relationships between period names, some initial timescale conversions and color and paleomag data.
timeDOM.jws WSDL Service URL (Depreciated, best to use tc_test) Provides a set of calls into the time scale that can be used to construct visual timescales or interfaces based on time.
chronosCalws.jws WSDL Service URL Provide a call to the CHRONOS event RSS feed. Required parameter is RSS feed type. Valid feed type is one of the following formats: rss_0.93, rss_0.94, rss_1.0, rss_2.0 and atom_0.3.
The inspection file can be found here
Available XQE Searches

Below is a table of searches available through the XQE system. Click on 'Execute' to be taken to the search interface.

The XQE summary table goes here.