Intro page

CHRONOS (Greek: time) is working with the Earth science community to develop a dynamic, interactive and time-calibrated network of databases and visualization and analytical methodologies for sedimentary geology and paleobiology. The CHRONOS System provides a platform for modern, innovative Earth history research, hosts and develops educational resources, and gives access to the general public to new knowledge of Earth science facts and issues.

Resources and Data

CHRONOS gives access to networked relational databases and data sets pertaining to sedimentary geology and paleobiology. Data can be accessed through a GIS-like interface, through a TIS (geologic time scale) interface, or can be queried using keywords, types of data, or taxon names. A growing toolbox of visualization and analytical applications complete the resources provided by the CHRONOS System.

Community and events

The CHRONOS System is a growing international community of geoscientists, educators, students, and information technology developers. CHRONOS is present at national and international professional conferences (technical sessions, exhibits) and works with the science community on the development of the system through topical workshops.

Education and outreach

CHRONOS has an important education and outreach component coordinated through the Education and Outreach Working Group [ADD LINK HERE] and is working together with organizations and educators to coordinate, develop, and promote formal and informal educational and community involvement activities that focus on Earth history and paleobiology.

An Interactive Guide to Planktonic Foraminifera Part A: Cretaceous

An HTML-based illustrated guide to the taxonomy and descriptive morphology of Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera contributed by Marius Dan Georgescu, University of Saskachtewan.


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