CHRONOS ADP line-of-correlation (LOC) data file format

The line-of-correlation (LOC) data file simply contains a sequence of age-depth pairs in two tab-delimited columns, preceded by three header lines, as follows:

 278	19960813
   9.08219e-2 	 .755
   1.99553 	 167.976
   9.20918 	 167.976
   11.2385 	 205.645
   15.8344 	 269.155
   19.0417 	 321.457
   19.875 	 344.554
   24.2917 	 344.554
   30.0833 	 412.402
   35.5417 	 412.402
   36.375 	 424.672      

The program will display the contents of the first header line following the LOC file info label at the top of the application but does not try to process the line, so its contents are immaterial to program operation. The header line in the example above contains a hole ID and a date.

The second line contains headers for the two columns of data and the third line gives the number of data lines to follow. The third line is retained for consistency with LOC data files for the original ADP program. However, the code actually skips over these lines without processing them and will just read data lines until it reaches the end of the file.

The third and following lines should contain tab-delimited age and depth values, both in increasing (or at least non-decreasing) order. These values represent the control points of the LOC. A hiatus is represented by two consecutive ages with the same depth. It is also allowed to have two consecutive depths with the same age, but age may not decrease with increasing depth.