CHRONOS provides services for geospatial data via WFS and WMS capabilities URL's can be found to the right of this page. In addition, several tutorials will be provided examples of the use of these resources.
Wikipedia entry on WMS and WFS

GIS client:
CHRONOS is integrating the Cartoweb open source cross platform GIS client into the geospatially enabled data sources. The goal is to connect data searched geospatially into the other searches (text and time based) at the CHRONOS site. Also we will connect these with external open data source reachable via service calls. Integrating searches regardless of the user interface is a goal to address the need for researchers to quickly and effectively locate data related to their research efforts.
Launch GIS client (new window)

Javascript client: The client below is a Javascript client using the WMS links to the CHRONOS data to create the display. It demonstrates the easy by which maps can be placed into web sites by use of a services based approach.

Note: The map interface below is not visible in the Apple Safari browser due to a bug in the Mapbuilder code. This has been reported to the authors of this interface