Welcome to CHRONOS System Portal

The CHRONOS Portal provides a web based view of the various services that are available from the CHRONOS System. The portlets and other resources you find here are available and open to the public. As the portal develops more options will become available and you are welcome to provide us feed back on your experience. Please check out the help subsection of this tab.

What is happeing in the logged version?

We have started to work on portlets and services that will take advantage of a users registered account. We are currently making some changes to the server to support this. Improvements to the TIS and various time scale services should show up soon. Please note we might move a few of the portlets around as we get feedback and changes and modifications that need to be made to them. Also showing up soon will be the first "new" group to support the efforts with ANDRILL. When that happens there will be information here about that.

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