CHRONOS Syndication

RSS and other glean-able data
Retrieve data via syndication rather than manually visiting the web site. RSS feeds and other sources of syndicated content available here. In addition to the RSS news feed CHRONOS provides an iCalendar format feed of important dates and events. These can be found at the bottom of thispage
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ReST and Web Services
ReST and web services, including geospatial WFS and WMS resources are available from CHRONOS. These can be found in the developer section of the Resources tab and the location search option in the Search tab respectively. With these, users can incorporate calls to data or the results of specific searches into web sites, applications or any other service consumer.
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Content Syndication
In addition to data, the syndication of content is available. Visit to see the list of current widgets that are available. This allows for other web sites to incorporate CHRONOS widgets for searches or other tasks into their domains content. This means, for example, a web site developer could place a CHRONOS search interface directly into their web site by only editing the HTML of their server. There is no need to install any supporting language pack or application hosting environment.