Introduction to ARC


The original idea of Age Range Chart software was from Dave Lazarus. The CHRONOS Age Range Chart programe, ARC, is a Java re-implementation of the ARC Software written by Uwe Stoerrlein. It is a tool for plotting the occurrences vs. age for multiple species in different holes. Occurrences are plotted as dots or blocks, sized according to species abundances and colored by species. Hiatus information are also shown. Data from multiple holes are plotted in paralell columns. The program reads data from CHRONOS Neptune database and displays the results in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format, which is rendered into a Java Applet Viewer. Other formats like PNG, JPEG and TIFF are also available for various usages.

Starting the program

ARC runs under the Java runtime environment (1.4 or higher) and is available on line from the CHRONOS web site. Java Plugin is also required for launching Java Applet Viewer.